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A modern building that will transform your farm

Going beyond traditional housing, Agri Span™ is defined by its flexibility and set apart by its construction, features and how it is deployed. The adaptable space creates purposeful livestock housing and a utility shelter for every day.

We support modern farming, enabling agricultural businesses to deliver high quality, high value produce. Agri Span™ is simple to deploy and easy to manage, allowing businesses to adapt and thrive in changing markets.

Supporting RSPCA – Freedom Foods Standards

Designed & Manufactured in the UK



Agri Span™ is a new building for modern farming, combining flexibility and strength.



Stocked for ultra-fast shipping and assembly. When you need it, the Agri Span™ will be ready.



Modular by design, the Agri Span™ can be expanded as your farm grows.


The interior space can be adapted to your needs when they change.


Engineered to withstand tough conditions, without sacrificing movability.


Change the way you manage your farm today for a better tomorrow.

Healthy Environment

Ideal for rearing livestock, the Agri Span™ creates the perfect natural environment, filled with diffused light and fresh air. Healthy airflow provided by the stack effect creates clean air with low moisture content.

Agri Span™ is designed for flexibility, allowing you to manage changing stocking densities. The open environment delivers a platform for loose housing and penning, creating the perfect space for animal management and welfare.


Line drawing of a telehandler inside an Agri Span

Vehicle Access

3m wide x 3.78m high

Line drawing of a Agri Span side-by-side


Expandable building sizes of 10 & 20 metres

Line drawing of a steel framework of an Agri Span


2mm Z35 structural steel framework

Line drawing of 1.6m ground screws


1.6m deep ground screws at every hoop

Line drawing of side mesh panels


1.5m high with 3.5 kN/m capacity

Line drawing of canopy roof sheet


600gsm PVC coated fabric roof sheet

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