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At 9.0 metres wide the Cheviot is a formidable building, built to perform in the demanding agricultural environment. Available in a range of lengths, the modular construction allows the building to be supplied to house between 150 to 400 sheep, making the Cheviot an ideal alternative to the permanent steel shed.

An adaptable internal environment; sheep can be housed loose for maximum capacity or penned either side of a central 3-metre drive passage for efficient management of the space and flock.

Creating the perfect environment for lambing and in-wintering, the Cheviot is well ventilated, light and airy. The white polythene roof sheet creates a cool environment, providing a dry building throughout the winter months. Designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions while delivering the perfect space to manage flocks, increase productivity and provide shelter.

Product Summary

Building width
9.0 metres
Structural framework
Z35 structural steel
Roof sheet
180mu white polythene
Side netting
3.5 KN/m breaking strain
Galvanised steel
2x gable-end gates included
Cheviot 9000

Product Specification

The Cheviot has a total width of 9.0 meters, a ridge height of 3.28 metres and straight sides to 1.05 metres. Access is provided by a generous opening of 3.0 metres (width) x 2.8 metres (height) at both ends of the building. Its modular construction allows the building length to be specified to meet the requirements of each site, flock and user; expanded by multiples of the structures 1.8 metre framework spacing.

The Cheviot’s structure is manufactured from 60mm (section), 1.5mm thick, Z35 hot-dip galvanized steel tube providing superior structural integrity along with a lasting and high-quality finish. Diagonal cross bracing is fitted at both gable-ends between the first and second hoop, creating a robust structure, to ensure stability in adverse weather conditions.

A UV stabilised 180mu white polythene roof sheet gives the structure a high-quality resilient finish. Once fitted and tensioned the polythene forms part of the building’s structure, secured in place and pulled tight with a timber tensioning bar. The polythene is easily maintained and simply repaired if accidentally punctured – if more significant damage occurs replacement sheets can be re-ordered and fitted independently with minimal disruption.

Additional roof support is provided by a wire support system, which runs the full length of the building at regular intervals.

Side netting formed of livestock mesh provides exceptional ventilation, controlling airflow and breaking winds, while safely and securely retaining livestock with a 3.5 KN/m breaking strain. Galvanised steel gutters are supplied as standard along both lengths collecting water ‘runoff’ and preventing water from being driven into the building from side winds. The Cheviot comes with concrete embedded anchors as standard for ‘field’ installation, negating the need for pouring a concrete pad.

Sold and dispatched with a full installation manual, this building can be self-installed by a capable team. If required we can provide a list of recommended independent installation teams for customers to arrange installation. This building is packed and dispatched as a palletised kit and can be distributed worldwide.

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