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Defying Tradition

We are immensely excited to introduce our brand-new livestock housing solution – the Agri Span™. An option for both tenant and commercial farmers, the Agri Span™ is the perfect housing solution for your livestock. Available in 2 sizes (9×10 and 9×20 metre pods), the Agri Span™ is adaptable to your requirements – be it as overflow calving housing or a TB isolation unit, the modular design means it’s easy to add additional pods, allowing the structure to grow with you and your needs.

Like all our livestock buildings, the Agri Span™ was built to meet high welfare standards, with features such as the 3-metre translucent light strip which creates a natural environment for your stock. The Agri Span™ includes gable end ventilation, ensuring a healthy flow of natural air through the structure. There is also the option of Stokbord side panels which protect your stock against drafts, minimising diseases like pneumonia. These are easily inside the mesh sides and sturdy enough to withstand wear and tear from your livestock.

The Agri Span™ was designed with farmers in mind. We’ve added simple to operate gable end gates. The gable framework is also removable, allowing for easy mucking out. The new and improved gutters are fit to withstand the elements and are easily adjustable too.

The materials used to create the Agri Span™ are of the highest standard. Agri Span™ is built to last with 2mm thick structural steel as well as increased bracing and perlin numbers, giving the additional strength to the structure for that added reassurance. The innovative ground screws have been specifically designed to hold the structure in place. Come rain or shine, your livestock will be safe.

The Agri Span™ is available now! Click here to find out more. Alternatively you can call our livestock specialists on 0808 2563210 today.

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