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We take a look at why the Livestock Pop-Up building is an ideal solution for housing sheep.

At McGregor, we’ve designed, manufactured and supplied sheep tunnels & lambing shelters for over 40 years. While our classic Cheviot tunnel continues to be a favourite for sheep farmers across the UK and Ireland, our innovative Livestock Pop-Up is proving an increasingly popular choice when farmers need maximum flexibility in a building.

Simple to install, dismantle and relocate

The Livestock Pop-Up is simple to install. With a modular design, the building is shipped to site as a kit of parts with a fully illustrated installation manual. The Pop-Up is simply bolted together and fixed to the ground with our auger anchor system. This means the building can be installed directly into the field, without the need for advanced groundworks. If the building needs to be moved, the modular design also makes it easy to dismantle, giving you the ability to relocate the building to a new site; the perfect solution for tenant farmers.

Did you know: We now offer installation packages to simplify this process even further – let us take care of everything for you! 

Built to last

With a galvanised structural steel frame and durable 600gsm PVC roof sheet, the Livestock Pop-Up is truly built to last. Ongoing maintenance is minimal; the roof sheet is manually tensioned with integrated ratchet straps so tension can be easily re-applied if necessary.

A single Pop-Up ‘Pod’ provides space for 166 sheep

The Livestock Pop-Up is sold in fixed-size units called ‘Pods’. At 9×22 metres in size, a single Pod can comfortably house up to 166 loose housed sheep, providing each animal with 1.2 square metres of lying space. Alternatively, the building has space for up to 110 sheep in pens, situated either side of a 3 metre central drive down passage.

Expandable design

One of the key advantages of the Livestock Pop-Up compared to traditional polytunnels is that multiple ‘Pods’ can be connected either side-by-side or by the gable ends. This makes it easy to expand the size of your building as your flock grows. A Livestock Pop-Up can effectively house any size flock, and will always be able to meet your changing needs.

Well ventilated, light-filled environment

With its 3 metre wide light diffusing roof strip, the Livestock Pop-Up provides plenty of natural light, enhancing the welfare of your sheep and creating a great space to work in. The building has also been designed to manage airflow, helping to prevent disease by ensuring that stale air is exhausted from the building while providing shelter from the elements.

Adaptable space

The Pop-Up’s size and generous access makes the building very versatile, ideal for the months when you’re not housing your flock or when you need space to shelter machinery or feed. A total height of 3.9 metres, combined with a 9.0 metre width provides a generous internal space. The gable end is split into three 3.0 metre wide gates, giving great access into the building.

Finance and installation packages available

We understand that farming can be challenging, and any expansion plans can be quickly shut down by high setup costs. That’s why we not only offer flexible finance options, but also a complete installation package for our Livestock Pop-Up building. This gets you up and running with a building you can start using in as little as 5 days from ordering, with affordable payments from £52 per week. Our dedicated installation team will take care of the whole process, which leaves you to do what you do best – running your farm.

Please note – geographical restrictions may apply. The installation package is currently offered for customers in mainland GB – get in touch with our team to confirm your eligibility.

To find out more about our Livestock Pop-Up housing solution for your sheep, call the team today on 0808 2563210 or email [email protected]

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