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Ever thought about who’s behind our installations? We talk to one of our experienced installation partners, N & C Polytunnel Installers ltd. 

On a site visit in sunny Somerset, we caught up with Nick Saunders and his son, Liam, who were installing 2 of our poultry broiler houses – the MPM 4250s. They had only been on site for 2 days, and the buildings were already coming together nicely! 

Nick’s business, N & C Polytunnel Installers Ltd, has a strong history with McGregor. Much like McGregor Group, Nick’s installation company is a family run business. His wife, Caroline, manages the admin whilst Nick and his son Liam work on installing the products. Caroline also gets hands on with the installations, occasionally joining the guys on site. Their partnership with us spans over 17 years, with Nick arguably being one of the best in the business. ‘I started at McGregor Group with the poultry 4250s, like the ones here today, with Ewan and Monica McGregor.’ Nick has seen the business change and grow alongside his own. His installs have taken him all over the country and around the world, even as far as Australia, to install poultry buildings with our Head Engineer, Andy McGregor. 

With a shared value of customer satisfaction and quality, the relationship between the sales, engineering, and marketing teams at McGregor Group and Nick has grown stronger with time.

‘Communication between all teams is very, very good, we have got to work very closely together. If we don’t, it all collapses’.

His standpoint of working together with the team to deliver a great experience to the customer ensures a smooth transition from delivery to installation and everything else in between.  

The quality of N & C installers is set to continue with Nick’s son Liam, looking to take the reins. Liam has been working with Nick for a year now, having previously completed a carpentry apprenticeship. ‘It takes about 3 years to train someone’ Nick explains. ‘I want him to take it on for another 40-50 years.’ 

When chatting to Liam, it’s clear to see that he has the enthusiasm to continue his parents’ business ‘I like working and travelling around the country and working outdoors. Atmosphere is good and I’m learning fast. I want to get higher and work alongside my Dad at that level.’ 

When we asked Liam about his aspirations for the future, he told us, ‘In the next two or three years I would like to go off by myself and train someone. Eventually, when Dad retires, I would like to take over the business’. 

It’s obvious the father and son duo get on well, as they laugh and joke between questions.  

‘I hope Liam takes it on, I’ve built the business for 16 years, I’ve done the hard bit! He’s got a good opportunity and my customers seem to like him. I’m really hoping he will take it on as he has a big future in the poultry and polytunnel business. He should do well’. 

Clearly family is very important to the Saunders’ and the enthusiasm shown by Liam to take on the business was testament to the hardworking nature of his father. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Nick and Liam. We prefer partnerships with people like Nick and Liam, who uphold high standards across generations. Their top-quality installations are a fundamental element of what sets our poultry and livestock buildings apart from everyone else. 

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