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A major new project has been commissioned to highlight the benefits of livestock farming on the environment.

The UK’s three meat levy bodies have come together to jointly commission a new project that highlights the positives of the UK’s grass fed system. Paving the way for a more sustainable framework, the ADHB, Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Production in Wales (HCC) and Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) have appointed ADAS to deliver the project, which will report early next year.

The project will actively seek to highlight the positives of the UK’s predominately grass fed systems which have previously been regarded as negatively impacting the environment.

John Richards, HCC Industry Development and Relations Manager said the UK’s largely grass fed and low intensity livestock systems have a ‘positive story to tell’ in terms of their environmental credentials, such benefits relate to biodiversity, nutrition and animal welfare.

We believe this positive movement, revealing the sustainability of lesser known aspects of livestock farming can be supported by our core product range at McGregor. Our livestock housing delivers a multifaceted solution providing sheep, cattle and equivalent animal types with the perfect internal environment with exceptional ventilation and diffused natural light. Combining the benefits of sheltering livestock whilst giving animals access to fresh pasture.


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