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Introducing Shield Canopy™ - The shelter like no other.

We’re delighted to introduce the latest innovation from McGregor; Shield Canopy™ is the versatile solution for storage & shelter on the farm, available now for delivery and installation.

Creating a convenient covered space for a variety of storage & shelter needs, Shield Canopy™ is ideal for protecting farm vehicles & machinery, storing hay, seed or grain, creating a covered work area, and much more.

Fitting to two standard shipping containers, Shield Canopy™ is supplied in a standard kit of parts, and requires no drilling, cutting or welding of any kind. This means it can be dismantled & relocated should the need arise – perfect for temporary or longer-term use.

Click here to learn more about Shield Canopy™, or give our shelter specialists a call on 01962 772368 to start your enquiry today.

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