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  >  Constructor - Fabric Structures

Job Posted 12th February 2020

£18,000 – £30,000 /year depending on experience

The core activity for this role is to construct the company’s modular structures on sites in the UK and Europe. High quality work is required and a desire to finish a structure to the best standard is needed. The structures are curved steel frames that slot and bolt together – the fabric cladding is stretched and fastened over the structure.

We are looking for a self-starter with a strong work ethic, attention to detail and pride in their work who have a passion for building innovative structures. Training is provided to ensure you are confident and skilled in building the structures on site. McGregor Group is a close-knit team with an engineering team on hand to support you on-site.

At least 1 year of prior experience in construction would be preferred.

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  >  Fabricator - Steel Structures

Job posted 12th February 2020

£9.50 – £11.50 / hour depending on experience

This role primarily involves manufacturing the company’s products. This includes cutting, drilling, and rolling steel and aluminium tube and box section. There is also some time spent parts picking making sure the finished products meet high-quality standards. This is carried out by following detailed drawings and working within a close-knit team helping each other to accomplished the required production.

Responsibilities include:

  • Working with steel and aluminium
  • Cutting, drilling, and rolling steel & aluminium
  • Picking and packing
  • Health and safety
  • Providing feedback with ideas for faster and better ways of manufacturing
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