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Producing the highest quality eggs - McGregor supply organic poultry housing to a thriving egg producer with a mission for change.

With a simple passion for real food and a desire to feed their children better, Daylesford Organics has become an award winning organic farm with an onsite farm shop, restaurant and online sales.

Over thirty years ago, founder of Daylesford Organics, Carole Bamford spotted an opportunity for their existing farm to grow a sustainable organic farming business that produced food they could use in their restaurant alongside producing the highest quality eggs that can be sold in their onsite farm shop.

With a mission to reverse the industrialisation of food production and the pollution of the land that it relies on, Daylesford Organics needed specialist buildings that would allow them to continue to grow their organic produce and deliver their business mission – food from farm to fork. In order to produce the highest quality organic eggs, the chickens need a combination of good ventilation, natural light, access to fresh pasture and a clean and disease free environment to ensure they are being nurtured in the best possible way.

“Daylesford Organics had a requirement for specialist poultry buildings that would allow us to sell organic eggs at our onsite farm shop. McGregor layer house created the ideal solution helping us maintain our high standards in producing the highest quality produce.”

From their first purchase of four Roam Layer Houses in 2012, Daylesford Organics have gone on to purchase a further seven buildings from McGregor. Their current suite of 11 buildings has allowed them to house a total of 5500 organic laying birds.

Employing the McGregor Roam mobile layer house has enabled Daylesford Organics to maintain their high standards in producing the highest quality produce, ensuring the success of their commercial farm shop and award winning restaurant.